Caker Crush

Calissa Teiniker is a multi-talented, intuitive, kind, morally strong angel of a human and most importantly, a great friend. Born in South Africa, raised in New Zealand and now living in Berlin she has a natural air of worldliness to her. Her sense for style and beauty is unparalleled and she can put together an outfit like no other.

She made the trip back to New Zealand to spend time with her beloved siblings Fae and Finn down-south but graced us with a visit beforehand. We knew we had to jump at the opportunity to shoot and talk with her.

Calissa is the kind of person who makes you feel completely comfortable in her presence. She has a knowing look in her eye and you can bring up almost any subject with her and she’ll be able to teach you something new about it. You can always count on her playing the perfect music to fit any mood, which means even something as simple as lying around the lounge turns into something beautiful. Calissa is also an extremely talented designer whose work makes the wearer feel instantly more beautiful and confident.


Calissa Teniker