Caker Crush

Tara Thomas and I met over Instagram after we’d both been featured in the same article about ladies budding in the US food scene. It was one of those instant connections and I knew I wanted this girl to be my friend. Her energy is magnetic and interior and exterior beauty shines so powerfully. Tara lives in New York (and I’m in LA) making this the first Caker Crush shoot that I’ve organized from afar - it was such a success that it made me realized I am not limited to LA or Auckland to keep building out this series. Thanks to Michael Grant who took these FIRE shots on film.




Michael Grant
  • Can you write a short paragraph about yourself - you can talk about anything at all.

    My name is Tara Thomas I’m a chef, consultant, model, urban farmer, and cofounder of an organization called Breaking Bread. Food is a vehicle for justice, to heal, to nourish, and to empower folks to build up communities. With that I facilitate and advocate for that in all of my mediums. I dream of having a farm estate that manifests generational healing for my family, communities, that radiates to all through the food and energy cultivated in the space!

  • What makes you feel powerful?

    What makes me feel powerful is just being myself. Nobody can take that away from me.

  • What does food mean in your family? Are there any classic dishes?

    Food in my family means nourishment and coming together. We like to change recipes up and just have fun but what’s classic is just having a salad andor greens on the table to ground ourselves in nourishment

  • What’s your favourite thing to cook or bake?

    I love to cook pancakes, the whole process it’s methodical just a few bits you have to really be present but the rest is just rhythm. Pancakes is my love language I love having friends around the dining table waiting to get a fresh hot cake on their plate.

  • What was your birthday cake of choice as a kid?

    Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream... I could really go for a slice right now. 

  • Which 3 people, dead or alive do you wish you could share the cake you made with?

    My great grandmother Gladys (she’s 99), Betty Davis, and Tupac.

  • What’s the dessert of your dreams? It doesn’t have to be one that you’ve already tasted or even one that exists.

    Literally, a Chocolate cake with Chocolate buttercream. Chocolate harvested from a farm direct source I would love to be apart of the bean fermentation process, might as well be apart of the harvesting for every ingredient then make a cake with the few months of labor -- must be joyous!

  • What star sign are you and what traits from it resonate with you?

    My sun is in Aquarius but I’m on the cusp of Capricorn. I resonate with being a utopian dreamer, dissociated, yet I’m a Capricorn boss bitch…

  • So many people in our generation feel a collective sense of doom when thinking about the current troubles our civilisation face - do you share this feeling? How do you cope and how do you help?

    On the surface I do but when I look within and truly analyze, the world has always been shitty. Suffering is apart of life and there’s only so much that we can alleviate. Looking at one another to solve problems is not productive but to simply give what you can and facilitate safe communities that radiate joy and abundance. Do what you can, you can do so much. 

  • What is your favorite album or artist of all time?

    Such a hard question I love listening to music so this really changes all the time. Lately I’ve been finding a lot of joy from music I listened to in middle school so 2009 - 2011 lol.

  • If you could live in the world depicted in one movie or novel, or if you could travel back to a different era, which would you choose?

    Honestly everywhere, I love a period film from the 19th century lol! I also would love to go way back to ancient egyptian times...

  • Dinner in a hot air balloon at sunset, lunch in a giant pillowy flower, or breakfast in a treehouse at the top of the highest tree?

    Mamn all of the above. Day off dreams, I’m always hungry! First breakfast in the treehouse, then we will jump into a giant pillowy flower until we are hungry and have lunch. Take a nap in the huge flower ad dream with the bees under the sunshine. Then take a walk into a field then board a hot air balloon for dinner.

  • What’s the coolest thing about living in New York?

    Being around so many different people who just want to live their highest selves whilst building community. Just being crazy, sexy, and cool.

  • If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be?

    I would love to live in a bountiful farmhouse on my families land Louisiana where the acres evolve from farmland to lounging corners, and lots of whimsical treats.