I have been a professional baker for over a decade, and I am completely self-taught. This means I have learnt everything I know through trial and error, practice, practice and more practice. While I do wish to formally study patisserie one day just for fun, by not going to patisserie school or engaging in classical training, I feel I wasn't constrained by learning techniques in an arguably rigid way. Instead I developed my personal way to do things and I think it meant my creativity could flourish in its own weird way.

And I LOVE being able to pass on my self-taught knowledge to others. It's actually possibly my favorite part of my job.

My biggest goal when teaching baking is to take the fear out of this artful science that I know is scary to a lot of people. Baking doesn't have to be as intimidating as it seems and I have a lot of quirky little tips and tricks up my sleeve!


I teach all sorts of classes in all sorts of formats and settings such as:

⚬ ticketed events in public settings like food shows

⚬ in corporate offices for team building

⚬ in people's homes for bachelorette parties. baby showers and birthday parties

⚬ for members of hotel clubs 

⚬ my own events where I invite people into my space 

⚬ virtually, live over zoom

⚬ I'm open to anything!

If you have an event coming up and you'd like to book me for a baking masterclass, then please email [email protected] or fill in the enquiry form below!