Fly By Jing


I first met Jing, founder of Fly By Jing, when she invited Anouk and I to her house for a dinner with a group of other female founders.

I wanted to bring an exciting gift for Jing so I decided to delve into my collection of Fly By Jing jars and bottles and started testing them in various quantities in my Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake recipe (because obv chocolate is best friends with chili).

The winning cakes were accentuated with Jing's Sichuan Chili Crisp (spicy, savoury, delicious) and her Tribute Pepper Oil (not spicy but floral, numbing, extra special).

The cakes I made ended up being the only dessert at the event and everyone was utterly floored by how good the Tribute Pepper Oil one was. It was a total "ah-ha" moment where Jing and I knew instantly that we had to make this insane combination available to people.

And so we made a bundle to electrify the senses,  just in time for Mother's Day 2023. This bundle creates the MOST decadent, surreal flavor experience EVER. The Tribute Pepper Oil lends a fragrant, citrusy tingle that takes my beloved Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake Kit to a whole new level.

1x The Caker Flourless Dark Chocolate Godl Leaf Cake Kit
1x FBJ Tribute Pepper Oil
1x Gir spatula
1x Printed insert with instructions