Whisky and cake have always been close acquaintances, but Glenmorangie limited edition single malt Scotch whisky, A Tale of Cake, is quite literally inextricably bbfs with cake. This luscious, sweet and complex whisky has bursts of honey, white chocolate and berries with a lilting hint of mint. It's deeeelish alongside cake, but baked into my Lemon Strawberry and Poppy Seed Cake Kit, the result is straight FIRE. So, it only made sense to team up with Glenmorangie to create the perfect gift - a duo of cake and whisky! I edited the instructions for my Lemon Strawberry and Poppy Seed Cake Kit, calling its users to add 1⁄2 cup of whisky in place of the milk and 1 tbsp of whisky to the glaze that tops the cake.

This Glenmorangie x The Caker collab was available in very limited numbers to purchase from Glengarry stores nationwide in NZ, and sold out within a few days!! Woop.