Lake Bell

Caker Crush

Lake Bell - my friend, actor, director and most gobsmackingly beautiful person I know (I swear there’s just something about her that kinda knocks the breath out of you), just so happens to adore cake.

Photographer Tristan Kallas and I joined her at her home in Los Angeles, where she baked my Flourless Dark Chocolate Gold Leaf Cake Kit in her outdoor pizza oven while dressed like a witch. I mean?!




Tristan Kallas
  • Can you write a short paragraph about yourself - you can talk about anything at all.

    Lake Bell is the name I was born with. People always ask if it’s a stage name, but I explain my mom was a hippy and conceived me on a lake, my namesake. That is a lie. She was a very WASPy mother who worn a lot of pressed white blouses. She just had/has a sense of adventure when it comes to names. I always liked having my name growing up because it’s two nouns that you can translate into any language. Lago Campana. Lac Cloche. 貝爾湖

  • What makes you feel powerful?

    Any song by Cardi B at a high decibel.

  • What does food mean in your family? Are there any classic dishes?

    My fantasy of a happy family is cooking and eating together. My mother and I always prepared meals together… it was and still is a cherished experience. Our specialty was a classic French vinaigrette that we slather on everything. It’s VERY generous with the garlic. Also, we made a naughty treat we called “melted tinfoil” which is patently INSANE. Basically, you put shredded cheese on foil and cook it in the toaster oven, it bubbles and chars a bit and then you eat it off the tin with a fork like cheese spaghetti. I should not have shared this. I feel vulnerable now.

  • What’s your favourite thing to cook or bake?

    Roast chicken with buttery potatoes.

  • What was your birthday cake of choice as a kid?

    Always was cheesecake, but I overdid it so now I prefer any kind of “crumble”.

  • Which 3 people, dead or alive do you wish you could share the cake you made with?

    My mom, my kids, and Cardi B.

  • What’s the dessert of your dreams? It doesn’t have to be one that you’ve already tasted or even one that exists

    Steamed artichoke with drawn salted butter. For me, that’s desert.

  • If you could swim in a sea of glitter, what colour would you choose?


  • If you were a new addition to the crayon box what colour would you be?

    Half-sour pickle green.

  • If you could have a wardrobe full of one designer’s clothes, who would it be?


  • If you could work with any director who would it be?

    Martin Scorcese.

  • Breakfast in a giant pillowy flower or dinner in a bubble floating in the night sky?

    Bubble dinner in the night.

  • If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?